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At Liesl you find every- thing, that makes your beer even better.

Where are we going today? To Liesl at Linz brewery!

Liesl and her team have a cozy place to sit for everyone. Perfect to come by and enjoy your time with friends, excellent food and freshly tapped beer.

Take a seat and enjoy.

Tastes like cooked by grandma.

Whether pork knuckle, burger or vegan options, at Liesl we serve best quality from the region. Our food is prepared with care and a lot of love. And you can taste that.

But just take a look at our menu:

The best beer, you find it right here!

Our beer comes directly from brewmaster Martin at the Linz brewery to our Liesl!

Let us surprise you with what Liesl has to offer in terms of beer or take a look at our beer menu.

* Liesl Specials * Liesl Specials * Liesl Specials * Liesl Specials * Liesl Specials * Liesl Specials * Liesl Specials * Liesl Specials * Liesl Specials * Liesl Specials

November Special

St. Martin's Goose

St. Martin's Goose | dumplings | red cabbage
You can't find that anywhere else!

The Liesl Pork Knuckle

Crispy, rear pork knuckle - marinated or natural from "Eferdingerlandl" pork with mustard and horseradish.
Farmers donut

Pulled pork

Pork chop | Roasted onions | Mustard Pickle | Miso-Mayo | Chives
Vegetarian dishes

Vegan Organic Cheese Noodles without Cheese, but with

Carrot-turmeric | Beetroots | Mushrooms | 3 types of leek | Potatoes From the Cheese noodle manufactory

The "Mühlviertler"

Bacon knacker sausage | red onion | chives
Something sweet

Drunk Liesl

Guglhupf cake | Grape brew | Wheat beer-Zabaione
At the brewing table

You, your buddies and beer on tap.

At the brewing table you can tap your own beer! Ideal for all those who like to do it themselves at their party. Reservation required. Ask Liesl and her team!

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Our Events

Stop by, we are looking forward to it.

Opening hours

Tuesday to Saturday from 11am until midnight (Kitchen until 9pm)

Sunday from 10am until 10pm (Kitchen until 8pm)

Monday closed.

Tel.: 0664 800 22 11 80

Tabakfabrik Linz
Peter-Behrens-Platz 1
4020 Linz

The model for our "Liesl" was Augustine Jungwirt, born in 1891 in a village called Gramatstetten.

Who the F* is Liesl?

Many stories surrounded our Linz native “Liesl”. There was talk of a “herding” lady on the Donaulände who was supposed to inspire sailors to consume beer and also talk of a brewery owner who is said to have been the model for the image of Liesl on the Linz beer.

In fact, our Liesl was the beauty queen of a marksmen festival, and the first illustration of her goes back to a painting of a “Bavarian Schützenliesl”. The then Hatschek Brewery and later Linzer Aktien Brewery gave the lady an Upper Austrian costume and made her the “Linzer Liesl”.